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This venue/platform has been developed to probe and ask questions – ones that aren’t being asked and ones we might not know the answer to, but ones that’ll drive curiousness and hopefully lead to value for both of us. Financial subject matter ranging from economics to personal finance to the stock market will be addressed and we’ll turn over dirt on the obscure yet also cover mainstream topics. The  goal is to make discoveries beyond the periphery of consensus but also explore untouched or non-contemplated territory. 

Writing without bounds. It is crucial that there is zero skin in the game. That immediately changes the equation. There is no corporate here. No compliance officer. No never-ending angles or ulterior sales motives. There is a relentless desire to stay curious and ask questions that might go unasked because something or someone stands in the way. Increasingly in today’s financial world, the proliferation of opinions and assured certainty prove enormous impediments to curiosity. Both will be kept to an absolute minimum here.

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