Ross Heart has experienced a wide swath of the financial services industry. From cutting his teeth 28 years ago as an intern with an innovative discount brokerage to managing investment portfolios at the company he founded, his journey provides a broad perspective. Degrees in Economics and Finance established a foundation, but this frame of reference derived from a diverse background of pursuits – learning at the multi-national firm that brought Wall Street to Main Street, creating and establishing an investment practice for a community-owned bank, integrating with a regional broker-dealer, and then establishing Heart Capital, the solely owned investment management practice he operated from 2004 to 2017.

Writing. Ross has written on varied topics for a wide range of venues, but most enjoyed the consistent writing of quarterly letters that accompanied client statements (some quarters more than others). Crafting ideas and commentary, succinctly summarizing what’s recently occurred, and trying to hypothesize about what comes next was a welcome constant in an environment where financial crisis and bubble-bursting were the norm. That love of writing spurred on other projects, of which this is one.

You’ll find Ross in Minnesota, just south of Minneapolis-St Paul with his wife and two teenagers. You might find him fishing for a few walleyes, canoeing, camping, mountain biking, stopping to help a turtle cross a country road, and if you’re fortunate he might share his sourdough starter with you – if you think you’ll find him hunting morel mushrooms around his secret spots though, you’ll soon discover tracking him down becomes much more challenging. 

‘Knowing that one knows nothing’ is said to be the bedrock for true learning, and it can take a long time to find a map for that journey. Thank you for showing up on this journey.