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Go Your Own Way

Welcome to the first post on my redesigned website.

I decided recently to walk away from professionally managing money. Twenty-five years after landing at Detroit Metro and a few stops in between, it was time.

Those 25 years included the market’s quick lesson of 1994, the stock mania and subsequent bear market, market chaos due to 9/11, the real estate euphoria and popping of that bubble, and most recently yet another frenzy and onset of market turbulence. As the great philosopher Taylor Swift once said, “I mean, I’m just like, this is exhausting”.

Why walk away? The current situation has not been conducive to managing money in the manner that I know, and industry experience tells you that changing investment disciplines to fit current conditions is a surefire path to nowhere. This environment also persisted for much longer than I anticipated. Some people have referred to this most recent episode as the ‘Goldilocks’ economy. I’m partial to reminding you that Goldilocks is a fairy tale, and personally I thought it was not appropriate to charge investors while waiting for the bears to show up. Spoiler alert, eventually they show.

What am I planning? First of all, I will be writing. I’ll do some fly-tying as well, but my emphasis will center on writing about these crazy markets and economy. I’m also exploring some fiction – is there a better breeding ground for fiction writers than observing the financial industry these past 25 years?

How will this blog help you? This is unchartered territory for the markets and economy despite a robust appearing surface-layer. In talking to so many people from so many backgrounds, there is an underlying uneasiness ‘out there’. People know. They do. You’ve likely been on the carnival ride these past 20+ years as well. You know when things don’t ‘feel right’, regardless how insecure we’re made to feel by the incessant cheerleading of those who get paid by your continued lining up for yet another ride. This site will not be a vehicle for investment advice, but I hope I can provide value to you through the wide and eccentric swatch of financial topics I plan on covering, and act as a guide for this wild journey. Thank you for visiting and we’ll connect soon,

Ross Heart

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  1. CJ Mendes CJ Mendes December 7, 2018

    Good luck to you Ross. Will be following as I value your opinion.

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