Restlessness Entering Q4

As we enter 2015’s 4th quarter, these recurring thoughts are keeping me a bit restless. First, this recent stock market slide doesn’t seem to be associated with any definitive source. This lack of a underlying trigger makes me wonder if this selloff may be more of a garden-variety pullback, but given the massive point swings we’ve seen, I’m not so certain. Technology bubbles, 9/11, and housing can all be quickly identified with recent corrections. A slowing China seems a likely target to explain away market malaise, and even Greece still gets mentioned Continue reading →

Cash as an Asset Class

After thinking about yesterday’s post on putting together a buy list, I couldn’t get away from the fact that the DJII (Dow Jones Industrial Average) just closed near a point it first traded at 22 months earlier (11/21/13 close = 16,009.99 versus 9/28/15 close = 16001.89) Perhaps cash is an asset class again. This reminds me of a article I wrote quite some time back on investing website See It Market, Understanding When Cash is King. We all know what cash returns in today’s money markets. My #1 Continue reading →

Putting Together a Buy List

Yesterday (9/28/15) the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 16001.89 meaning the Dow traded at the same point it first traded at on November 21, 2013. Almost a full two years of having gone nowhere. We’re obviously seeing a substantial pullback and adjustment from the Dow 18,000 levels we saw just a couple months back lending credence to the market axiom ‘escalator up, elevator down’. On the first 2-3% of a market selloff, its commonplace that commentators and analysts advise of putting together a list of Continue reading →