Today’s ‘Bizzaro World’ Housing Report

DC Comic’s fictional planet htraE (Earth spelled backwards) is the setting for the Bizarro World, a land most recently popularized by Seinfeld, where the Bizarro Code dictates everything be remade as the opposite of what it should be. It is quickly becoming a logical setting for the U.S. housing market. Two quick articles: US house prices rise at 5.7% in January ~ BBC (3/29/16) New-home sales tumble in January on big decline in West ~ USA Today Wait, what? What kind of wacko housing market is Continue reading →

Weekend Reading – 10 Links (2/20/16)

A handful of links I’ve discovered this past week that I thought you might find of interest: First of all, I follow this website searching for a wide assortment of financial news – this past week, I noticed they included an article I wrote on SeeItMarket about financial literacy (mid-page) Personal Finance Links: Future Wealth ~ Abnormal Returns Here’s a topic I think we can agree on: The Power Of Civil And Intelligent Debate To Make Us All Better ~ AVC Robo-Advisers: Boon or Menace? from Jeff Continue reading →

Credibility with Wall Street 1 Prudence 0

The day before Janet Yellen’s Fed decided to hike interest rates, I penned this piece on financial website See It Market ~ “Federal Reserve Decision Boils Down to Credibility vs Prudence”. Lets revisit that post and their change in monetary policy. I described their December 16th debacle (in italics, mind you) as “…the most important Federal Reserve decision in at least a generation.” It certainly hasn’t disappointed so far. Obviously, it appears the Fed chose to stay credible with Wall Street, the banking industry and Continue reading →

Presidents’ Weekend Reading – 11 Links

It’s President’s Day and the markets are closed – given all that’s transpired so far in 2016, that may feel like a rainout does for a struggling baseball team late in the season! Here are some articles I’ve recently run across that I wanted to share: This is a must read if you haven’t already: Monthly Investment Outlook from Bill Gross (Increasingly Addled) ~ Janus Capital Amazon Is Said to Be Planning an Expansion Into Retail Bookstores ~ New York Times Why Is Silicon Valley Continue reading →