Approach & Style

Approach Pic - London

Heart Capital’s approach is 100% client-centered

Our clients are patient, they are understanding yet demanding, and we uniformly accept the responsibility of managing their hard-earned assets.

They expect consistency in:

Transparency: Client assets are held with an independent custodian who produces monthly statements and confirmations. Our approach enables an easy determination of all client expenses and we avoid potential conflicts of interest. Despite our culture of transparency, clients can also expect a commitment to confidentiality and privacy of their data and our investment strategy.

Contrary Thinking: Conventional wisdoms that have permeated Wall Street for years have been flipped on their head. For investors, we believe this demands a contrarian approach of taking fewer positions, making fewer decisions, but at the same time having the flexibility and liquidity to take advantage of short-term opportunities if presented.

Execution: Our clients expect accessibility of the individual managing their assets and responsiveness in addressing their concerns. Heart Capital utilizes the latest in technology to communicate with clients regardless of either’s geographic location.

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