About Heart Capital

Website PicHeart Capital LLC was founded in 2004 by Ross Heart, a financial industry veteran who has provided continuous management of investment accounts dating back to 1993.

A student of the financial markets, Ross gathered experience at a major Wall Street company, large regional investment house, as well as community-minded institutions. Degrees gained in Finance and Economics helped to provide the groundwork in the investment industry, but was no substitute for the lessons learned managing clients’ money over long periods of time.

Distanced from Wall Street group-think consensus centers, we feel Northern Wisconsin, coupled with today’s technology advantages, provides an intentional benefit in managing client assets. The resiliency, grittiness, and hardiness needed to navigate an average Wisconsin winter easily doubles as traits clients most need in their investment manager.

In addition to coaching youth sports, fishing, hunting, camping, skiing and other family activities, Ross enjoys writing, including as a contributor to investing and economic website See It Market. His financial commentary has appeared on Minyanville, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance.


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