Great Addition for > 13-Inch Toolboxes

MillerParkMacWorld ran this article today ~ Apple is giving an iPad Pro to every team in Major League Baseball.

Instantaneous access to data in MLB dugouts will only accelerate baseball’s data-driven trends and continue to give the impression that analytics have taken over the game (which in many ways, they have). Key within the headline though are two key words ‘every team‘. From the biggest market to the tiniest of markets, everyone will have this tool at their disposal – how do you use it? will you use it? how will your opponents use it?

The 12.9″ iPad is a tool, just as a majority of investors have access to many of the same identical tools. Does the tool assist you in your investing decision-making process, or does the tool end up dictating the process and throwing you off your game?

Recently, there were a lot of tools at the disposal of some very prominent hedge funds holding Valeant Pharmaceuticals and SunEdison. There is a human element that no computing power can contain and that is where the biggest games are won. There is no app that prompts San Francisco Giant’s skipper Bruce Bochy to call the bullpen and have his ace pitcher Madison Bumgarner close out the 2014 World Series on two days rest.


Picture? Rain Delay at Milwaukee’s Miller Park

* at the time of this writing, neither Ross Heart or Heart Capital LLC held positions in Valeant Pharmaceuticals or SunEdison.

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