Investor Packets Can Speak


This came in today’s mail. Significance? It is an investor packet from a publicly-traded company that I am considering an investment in.

Just as some investors may study a stock’s chart, I’m looking for clues as well, and sometimes that edge may come in an annual report or other corporate communications.

A couple years back I requested materials from LINN Energy (symbol LINE), and thought it disturbing that post-it notes reminding me of LINN’s’ Nasdaq symbol accompanied a very expensive packet. Hindsight is always 20-20, and I never owned a share, but it appears that particular ‘trying too hard’ may be reflected in their current share price

The packet above came as no-frills as I’ve ever received. The binder clip holding approximately 80 pages seemed an extravagance to the 10-15 sheets sent loosely in a nondescript envelope. This company is either on the verge of going out of business or has too much going on to care about its perception with this interaction, which of course immediately piqued my interest. A tool and die maker? Yes. A hipster-type company relying on multiple customer senses to make their sale within ultra-modern stores? No.

I must research this more.


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