Apple Computer – Circa 1997

Earlier this week, I wrote an article for financial website See It Market regarding Apple Computer (of which I own no shares). I had been conducting some research and stumbled across some stories about Apple from 1997. A couple quick additional points – one month after Apple’s CEO was ousted on July 9, 1997, other key events quickly followed. First, Larry Elison, CEO of Oracle, was added to Apple’s board and second, Bill Gates announced via video to the Apple fanboys that Microsoft was making a $150 million investment in Apple and teaming Continue reading →

Carl Icahn – Must See TV

Odds are, as an investor, you may find yourself watching 15 minutes of financial television sometime during a normal week. I would highly encourage you to take that time (15min) and watch Carl Icahn’s “Danger Ahead” video. Here is a link to his website. This made big news in the financial circles a week ago when released, but with most market warnings, it seems to have drifted into the shadows. Political affiliations can sometimes mar people’s tendencies to watch certain things, so if you’re not a Continue reading →

Royally Unconventional

Baseball fan or not, I would encourage you to check out this article that showed up on page 48 of this past weekend’s New York Times magazine ~ How Ned Yost Made the Kansas City Royals Unstoppable. Yes, it’s a very baseball-centric writing, but there are some tremendous investing takeaways within it, as well as a number of important sociological ones. Ned Yost is likely the most criticized, ridiculed, and dismissed manager in baseball today. He recently has also been one of the game’s most successful. I’d be curious if Continue reading →

Weekend Reading – 6 posts (10/3/2015)

Here are a handful of articles I’ve come across this past week for some weekend browsing: College Rankings Fail to Measure the Influence of the Institution – New York Times Market Reversal Gives Bulls Hope As Bad News Gets Bought – See It Market Fund Managers Everywhere are Getting Crushed – Business Insider San Antonio just announced a brilliant new business model for renewable energy – Slate Why Europe isn’t Creating any Googles or Facebooks – Pioneer Press Lastly, here’s an interesting read from the New York Times Continue reading →