Stimulus or Debt Service?

“But, how does it affect me?” I’m pretty certain there has never been a time when more options have been available to us. Long gone are the days of having 3-4 TV channels and having to just ‘deal with it’. Choices follow us everywhere we go and we can build a life surrounded by like-mindedness and purge most anything that contributes¬†to our disharmony. Because of this, our views can become self-centeredly distorted at times. Guilty ūüĖź Zero interest rates.¬†Chit-chat about¬†%’s turning negative? Search for yield! Continue reading →

Adherence to an Investment Strategy

In today’s investing climate, it is getting more and more difficult to follow a strategy and not succumb to ‘there’s no other alternative than owning stocks’. In my opinion, the path to deviating from strategies is getting easier and easier as opportunities seem to become more limited due to artificial factors.¬†A new (non)-normal, if you will. Following is an article I wrote on investing site,, discussing this issue:   Investing Strategy 101: It Pays To Follow Your Process! One of the earliest recollections from Continue reading →

Great Addition for > 13-Inch Toolboxes

MacWorld ran this article today ~¬†Apple is giving an iPad Pro to every team in Major League Baseball. Instantaneous access to data in MLB dugouts will only accelerate baseball’s data-driven trends and continue to give the impression that analytics have taken over the game (which in many ways, they have). Key within the headline though are two key words ‘every team‘. From the biggest market to the tiniest of markets, everyone will have this tool at their disposal – how do you use it? will Continue reading →

Investor Packets Can Speak

This came in today’s mail. Significance? It is an investor packet from a publicly-traded company that I am considering an investment in. Just as some investors may study a stock’s chart, I’m looking for clues as well, and sometimes that edge may come in an annual report or other corporate communications. A couple years back I requested materials from LINN Energy (symbol LINE), and thought it disturbing that post-it notes reminding me of LINN’s’ Nasdaq symbol accompanied a very expensive packet. Hindsight is always 20-20, Continue reading →