The Stealth Effect

In an article I recently read, a well-known hedge fund manager rattled off a number of reasons to remain bullish. Reason #5: “There are no good alternative investment options relative to stocks.” It is very difficult to argue with this reasoning in a 0% world. The key word here though is “investment.” There are options, and sometimes within the investment industry, participants tend to think the only alternatives are ones within it. One key, very overlooked option, in my opinion, is spending. Instead of investing Continue reading →

Weekend Reading – 7 Links (10/18/2015)

A few articles I’ve been reading this past week that I thought may be of interest. First of all, from the land of unintended consequences. What is it that they say, ‘Too few outlets reveal character’? Or something like that In California, Electric Cars Outpace Plugs, and Sparks Fly ~ New York Times I stumbled across this next post while searching to try to understand why The Great Gatsby wasn’t yet in the public domain. Obscure copyright laws coupled with baseball trivia helping to shed light on Continue reading →

Creativity? Bazinga!

A few days ago, the LEGO Christmas catalog showed up, full of imaginative and unique builds including a number of new architecture sets which I find fascinating. Then I flipped to the back cover and saw this:   What? Big Bang Theory LEGO? Sheldon and Leonard mini-figures? Whoa, progress! How did this happen? I pulled up the LEGO website to check further and proceeded to find out about “LEGO Ideas.” Essentially, if anyone has a craving for a new LEGO set, they can submit their ideas, plans and thoughts Continue reading →

Early 2016 Prediction

In a couple months, we will do the routine – you know, the one where prognosticators put together their ‘Top 5 Surprises for 2016′, or ’10 Market Predictions for the Upcoming Year’. They’re like the tabloids at the supermarket that nobody claims to look at, but somehow we always know who just broke up with who. Oh, and they usually include something along the lines of ‘This will really be the year interest rates go up’. Prediction, and this may be my only macro-type one for 2016: This Continue reading →